Sachi-chan has moved to another location!

From now on, Sachi-chan will no longer be blogging here at Cotton Candy Afros because she and her friend have made a new group blog.

It’s called Atomic Dudes. Click here to check it out!

Hope to see you there!



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Shameful actions

*mixed feeling and emotions*

*mixed feeling and emotions*

Oyasumi minna-san! Sachi-chan will keep this very short since her bed time is just around the corner (7:30pm – LOL Just kidding [^_-]).

At the moment my feelings about this whole Chris Brown and Rihanna incident are quite different from yesterday.

Initially, I felt really sorry for Chris. I wasn’t really paying attention to the horrible act he’d committed. I think that’s because I didn’t realize just how badly Rihanna was hurt and I guess it still didn’t quite sink in just what he’d done.

I still can’t imagine Chris being so violent with a girl (let alone the girl he loves [O.O]), but I’m still pretty sure that the accusations and stuff are true. And I think at this point, everyone has the right to believe or not to believe what is being said since no one is really talking facts about what happened.

But at the moment Sachi-chan is feeling a mixture of anger and annoyance towards Chris Brown-san.

I’m angry at him because he beat up his girlfriend. I read that T.I. said something about how celebrities are humans too and “Don’t expect us not to make mistake – because we will” (not sure that quote’s exact). But this is my opinion: Beating up your girlfriend and leaving her there alone is just a mistake you don’t make! ESPECIALLY if you’re a huge celebrity with a ton of kid fans who look up to you!

I’m annoyed with him because: Why did he have to go and get into this kind of trouble!? I mean, this is just really not good. He could be feeling the blows of this for a really long time! I just find it so adjitating that he had to go and beat up his girlfriend. And although what I said in my last post, about kids who experience domestic violence repeating it, was true, I think the fact that he experienced it so close up and hates that person so much for what he did to his mom might make him try super hard never to become like that person was to his mom.

Sachi-chan will use herself as an example (it’s kinda embarrassing, but whatever):

Sachi-chan has a not-so-good relationship with her dad. Because of this I really crave attention from guys. But I don’t want to ever be “loose”, or “easy”. So, even though it’s hard for Sachi-chan, she puts extra effort into making sure that she’s never ever “loose” or “easy”. And so far, I’ve been doing fine, and I’m confident that I’ll keep doing fine.

Just because you have had unfortunate circumstances that makes it harder for you to do the right thing in a certain area, doesn’t mean you can not do the right thing in that area. You might just have to put extra effort into it, but hey, everyone has his or her cross to bear in life.

Sachi-chan must leave now. Wow this post turned out longer than I expected.


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Chris Brown… arrested… ASSAULT?!?!

*in shock / confused*

*in shock / confused*

Oyasumi, minna-san! Sachi-chan is at this moment in complete shock and confusing.

Earlier today, when I was in school, I head one of my classmate say something about Chris Brown and Rihanna having a fight. I paid pretty much 0 attention to it, because I hadn’t heard of any basis for it, and it was just pretty out of the blue.

But then, this afternoon when I got home, my mom randomly just mentioned something about Chris and Rihanna again. She said she saw something about it on TV.

At this point Sachi-chan has become a bit curious as to what might be going on with Chris, because if my mom knows about it before I do, then something must be up [o.o].

Anyway, so I looked into it, and I learned that (pardon me if my info isn’t perfectly right, I forget the details) on Sunday morning (around 12:30) Chris and Rihanna had a fight in a parking lot. The fight allegedly elevated. Rihanna was seen with bruises, I think a busted nose [0_0], and (weirdest of all) bite-marks [•□•]{?!). Rihanna said that Chris was the one who did it and Chris was eventually arrested. [ToT]

Chris and Rihanna

Chris and Rihanna

Bail was set at $50,000. I’m not sure exactly what happened after he bailed himself out. I just know that at some point Chris turned himself in to the police.

OK, Sachi-chan is quite devastated by this. Just a while ago my parents and I watched Access Hollywood in awe as we learned the details about this whole episode.

I still find it hard to believe, though it’s at this point kind of undeniable. But I’m pretty sure he’s feeling really guilty and sorry about what’s happened. On Access Hollywood we saw one short clip of Chris when he got arrested. He was in the back seat of a Cadillac SUV curled up, with a black hoodie on with the hood up. To be frank, he looked pretty pitiful in there. He seemed, just beyond shame and guilt. Then he later turned himself in. All of these are hints telling Sachi-chan that although Chris did a bad thing, he feels really bad about it.

Normally Sachi-chan would never pardon a guy for hitting a girl, especially for really hurting her like it seems he did to Rihanna, but Sachi-chan knows Chris to be a really great guy and she knows he’s not a woman assaulter! \‘[T□T]’/

Chris has talked multiple times about his experience with domestic violence in his own home when he was younger. He says it wasn’t his real dad, but there was “this person” in his mom’s life who would beat up on her. “And to this day I hate him” he says. He’s said he would never want to make a woman feel the way that person made his mom feel.

But studies show that many kids who experience domestic violence when they’re young end up doing the same kinds of things they saw that abusive person in their lives do to someone else.

Sachi-chan is afraid this might be the case with Chris [;_;].


Anyway, Sachi-chan will be watching carefully to see what happens next and eventually what Chris will say about his actions and about what happened on Sunday morning.


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Official Announcement

Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers

*Listening: Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers

Konnichiwa minna-san! Long time no see, ne? Sachi-chan is here again to do a quick notification post.

First of all, Sachi-chan must apologize to minna-san and admit that she’s been doing “more important things” lately. Gomenasai!

Ok, on to Sachi-chan’s notification:

So, as minna-san might have noticed, Sachi-chan has been really struggling to blog as much as possible, though not fully succeeding [-_-]|||. And unfortunately, I can’t promise that this will change any time soon, since Sachi-chan’s job and goal to earn enough to buy herself a certain birthday gift.

But minna-san must not panic! I’m not going to completely stop blogging. I’m going to continue doing my best to blog as often as possible.

I’ve also asked Yoshi-kun to try and help out, so I’m hoping he’ll be able to be of assistance during Sachi-chan’s busy periode.

But minna-san can begin counting the days because once she has her hands on her dream phone she’s going to work a lot less, which means more time for blogging! \[^v^]/

Alright, Sachi-chan is going to go play The Sims after a super long week!

Oh! Sachi-chan would like to know: How is minna-san doing? And… What does minna-san think of… an instant messager in the sidebar that allows minna-san to chat with Sachi-chan?

OK, thanks for understanding!


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What a pretty song!

*just ate*

*just ate*

Ohayou minna-san!

Sachi-chan is, again, quite busy today. Actually, I think I’m going to be even more busy today than I was yesterday. [>-<] *hits self for neglecting minna-san and the blog*

But of course it’s better to post a short post than to post nothing at all. So in order to keep minna-san from dying of boredom here, Sachi-chan will share a song that she fell in love with the moment she heard it yesterday [*v*].

OK, so yesterday night after watching American Idol, I didn’t feel like immediately going to bed to I flipped around for something interesting to watch. I stumbled upon this Chinese channel. Some kinda of a big concert was going on. The beautiful lights and colors and dancing people seemed very sweet to Sachi-chan’s eyes, so she decided to check it out. It seemed to be some kind of a concert with different Chinese singers. I ended up really enjoying most of the concert, especially since there were many beautiful decorations and probably hundreds of dancers! It was very beautiful!

Then a certain singer showed up and started to sing this song called “The Smiling Eyes”. I couldn’t gather any other info about the song or the singer at the time because pretty much everything was in Chinese [.___.]{?). The song was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL to Sachi-chan’s ears!!! I could have cried! And what’s more, the singer looked absolutely gorgeous and she sounded flawless!

Vivian Hsu

Vivian Hsu

Of course I was desperate to find the song! So I looked it up and with thanks to the wonderful works of Google, Sachi-chan was able to locate the song [^.^]!

It’s called “(The) Smiling Eyes” by Vivian Hsu, a Taiwanese… actor/singer/porn star ([O_O] I guess that might explain why she was so pretty). I read that some people find her voice not so nice, but Sachi-chan has, by far, never heard such a nice Chinese performance before.

Anyway, I was looking everywhere for the file of the song itself, but [again] I’ll have to share with minna-san the music video.

[O_O] Was that guy blowing smoke out of his shoulder?? (see 1:03)

Unfortunately, Sachi-chan can only guess what the song is about, since she speaks no Chinese whatsoever and music videos can be quite misleading.

Anyway, Sachi-chan very much enjoyed the concert and hopes to see more Chinese concerts again in the future.

I must leave now!


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Will Sachi-chan ever have free time again?!

*watching American Idol*

*watching American Idol*

Konbanwa minna-san!

Sachi-chan is feeling rather guilty for allowing this blog to go un-updated for quite some time. [-_-] Gomenassai, minna-san!

Anyway, Sachi-chan has been super busy again these last few days. I’m beginning to get pretty ticked at “being busy” all the time now. I never have time to chill and draw manga or just surf the net or play my guitar or read manga or do any of those things I like to do [;_;]. I really don’t feel much like a kid anymore.*tear-tear* Sachi-chan doesn’t wish to live the rest of her youth like this! [T.T]

One huge part of the problem is this:

My job is one that doesn’t require constant activity. I work at my grandma’s very tiny shop. I don’t have a specific task to do, so I just do what needs to be done. Since my granny’s shop isn’t super busy (especially when I’m at work – in the afternoons) I have a good bit of time to do things like homework and stuff. But the very big problem is… there’s no internet access in her store. There used to be but there isn’t anymore. So Sachi-chan wastes precious time doing nothing or just blabbering with her granny when she could be on her laptop blogging, working on her projects and doing any other things I need the internet to do.

But now, since there’s no internet access there, I get home, have about an hour free. So I have to pack alllll those things that I have to get done online (which I could have done at work) into that tiny hour and then rush on with the rest of my day! *RAWR!!! \[`o΄]/{!3*

I don’t think I can keep this up for much longer especially since I feel like my homework performance is taking a blow because of this.

Minna-san must be wondering, “Why are you stressing yourself out for a job? Let alone a job at you granny’s!?”.

Well, to be honest, Sachi-chan is totally putting her all into this job because it’s the only steady source of income that she has. And if minna-san remembers, I have a specific goal that I’m saving for *wink-wink*. That’s why I’m using just about all of my free time to work so that I can save up as much as possible, whether it’s stressfull or not!

For example, Sachi-chan has a week of vacation from school coming up soon. I’m still wondering whether or not I should work full-time for that week or not. I’ve calculated how much I’d earn according to how many hours I’d be able to work in the week and…

If Sachi-chan works full-time during her week of vacation she, at the end of the week, she would earn 5 times more money than she doesn on regular weeks when she only works part-time. That means, in one day of working full-time, I’d earn the same amount of money that I get from working a whole week part-time! [$.$] LOL

So I think I’m gonna go ahead and work full-time during my vacation. [u_u]

I just can’t wait until I’ve reached my goal and can buy this dream phone of mine! Then I’ll definitely be able to slack up a little, since I won’t have anything specific to save for.

Well, Sachi-chan must go back to her hectic life of work and responsibility [=_=].

Sachi-chan had a yummy breakfast the other day ^_^

Sachi-chan had a yummy breakfast the other day ^_^


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Avatars in posts



Konbanwa minna-san! Sachi-chan is stopping what she was doing to do a quick post in order to inform minna-san about something new that Sachi-chan is going to do when posting.

I’m going to be using avatars! I’ll probably change them every so often, whenever I feel like.

In my little “avatar window” you’ll see a few words of caption. I’ll generally just write somethig about what I’m doing, how I’m doing. (I was just cooking [>_<])

So just so minna-san now knows what to expect and what these words under the avatar mean and stuff.

Unfortunately, Sachi-chan must leave again [-_-] sooo busy today [;_;].


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